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beginner/slower classes

gentle yoga. 

A slower hatha yoga practice. We focus on breath awareness and moving with intention.

wellness yoga

A hatha yoga practice. This class is a great full body tune up. Taking your practice a little further than our gentle class, you will begin to get a better understanding of yoga postures and how to move through them.

relax & restore

A restorative class. Slow and supported using props and guided by experienced instructors. We'll create space for physical and energetic body, to expand body, mind and heart.  


all levels classes

Most of our classes are accessible to all levels!

Classes like All levels flow, Yoga for every body, cosmic flow.

We do our best to cater to all walks of life. In these classes we provide the space for you to explore. To take your practice wherever you need it to be. These classes offer modifications and variations to meet everyone's needs. Because there's so many ability levels, no two classes will be the same. Try them a few times and see how you feel! We give suggestions and guidance to the best of our ability, and in turn, we hope you will listen to your body to discern which of these suggestions suits you best. 

strengthening classes

Empower your flow / Core vinyasa

These classes are a powerful, energetic, slightly faster version of our all levels flow. We will spend a little more time in each posture and add variations that push the body a little closer to its limitations. We keep the practice of mindfulness as this class will challenge you to explore the difference between what the mind tells you and what the body can do. 

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