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Hi everyone. My name is Kimber-lee. I am the founder of Be Light Yoga Center, (which used to be called Studio on 6 Yoga). I opened Studio on 6 during a time where I couldn’t find a spiritual home. On blind faith, a lot of favors, and a lot of paint stained clothing the doors opened and a community began to form that would forever change my path in life. It has now been almost 3 years since that day and I am JUST sitting down to write an “about” section on this website.
I have found it incredibly hard to put into words how the studio came about, and what it represents today, but every day that passes I become a little more clear on what our mission is.
One of the great spiritual teachers, Ram Dass, has a quote: “We’re all just walking each other home.”

Kimber-lee Jacobsen - Founder

In my practice and in my process of opening a studio, I’ve been so immersed in my own walking that becoming clear on what the studio “mission” is has escaped me.
Now looking at the past 3 years, the mission is very clear.

My mission, and the mission of Be Light Yoga Center is to be a container that holds a safe, comfortable space for ALL of us to walk through our unique spiritual exploration. In doing so, we dissolve separation and we become closer to our most authentic nature. We invite each other to step deeper into our uniqueness, and by supporting and admiring each others differences we can start to embrace the interconnectedness of all beings.

This is a space where we invite you to come have a sit. Sit alongside your instructor as an equal and as a friend. Let’s chat about the things that make us feel wildly uncomfortable AND learn how to coexist in comfortable silence. To move, shake, breathe, and dance like mad, then feel how still the body and mind can become. This is a space for you to create your own process.
What’s yours?