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Spa Bliss: Massage and Yoga

Spa bliss
Sept 29th

Unwind with this candlelit restorative class of supported yoga postures and therapeutic massage with an extended savasana. Sandra will guide this soothing floor-based class to calm the nervous system, soften physical tension and release energetic stagnation. Followed by detailed facial massage with organic essential oils used to rest and rejuvenate.
$35 in advance
$40 day of
Only 10 spots available!

Seeds of awakening
podcast hosted by Kimber-lee Jacobsen and Forrest Dwyer

Check out our brand new podcast! Hosted by our founder, Kimber-lee Jacobsen, and Forrest Dwyer.

Seeds of Awakening was created to quench our thirst for spiritual growth and universal wisdom. We have been on a search to understand wellness and peace from great teachers & experts. Through our candid conversations we share their perspective. Our goal with every discussion is to reveal a small seed that may awaken inspiration within you.

Available on all podcast platforms!
Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/seeds-of-awakening/id1465259962

Sound Healing Meditation

meditation & Sound healing
tuesdays 7:15pm

Join Kimber-lee Jacobsen for a deeply restorative guided meditation. You will begin with very light stretches to prepare the body for stillness, then be guided into a restful meditative state. Once at rest, expect to be bathed in sacred sound vibrations to assist the body to heal at the cellular level.

These classes are donation based. Our hope is to share meditation practice with all walks of life.


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